Fox Tails is the sequel to A Fox Tail by Eric M. Deal, and is the second installment in the Polar and Vulpie Saga. Fox Tails takes place six years after the events of A Fox Tail.

Like it's successor and predecessor, its cover artwork was created by Travis Orams.


Polar and Vulpie are back! Six years after the events of A Fox Tail, the arctic wolf and orange fox couldn't be happier.

To the surprise and dispute of many animals, Vulpie has managed to out maneuver his contract with the world government and forms his own tech company. Vulpie Industries leads the rest of the universe in the latest and greatest computer equipment and services. However, a mysterious competitor, Sevrif Industries, appears to challenge the hacker fox.

Meanwhile, a fringe group of radical vulpines from the Association of Fox Rights are determined to have him killed. A particularly deranged gray fox named Zorpiv is more than willing to attempt an assassination.

But most disturbing of all, synthetic animals begin to show up in the strangest places. No one knows where they're coming from or who is building them, but Vulpie suspects his cyber masterpiece is behind it all.

Vulpie must face his artificial intelligence once again, but this time, it's had years to prepare.

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"Really loving this a lot! I'm kept on my toes every minute of reading. The characters, the plot, everything is so amazingly detailed I just get absorbed into the story and I can't get enough of it! So many twists and turns in the plot, I could never guess what was coming next. And am absolutely in love with all the characters, it's just amazing how real their personalities are."

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