A Fox Tail is a self-published anthropomorphic novel featuring a homosexual relationship between a fox and a wolf. It is the first in a series, known as the Polar and Vulpie Saga, in which there are currently three titles: A Fox Tail, Fox Tails, and Polar's Fox. The author is currently at work on a fourth installment, which will be released on an unknown date.

The cover artwork was created by Travis Orams, as the other books in its series were.


Polar, a handsome arctic wolf, crosses paths with sly fox and master cyber-criminal, Vulpie Vivixen, just as he's about to unleash his life's greatest work, the computer Virus/AI,

In a world of carnivores and herbivores, carnivores have the upper paws and everyone knows foxes control the media. Wolves are figureheads and make much of the success, but there has always been a sly vulpine somewhere in the fate of all great things. Polar and Vulpie display that, and all Polar wants is to keep Vulpie as his lover but taming him proves difficult. The hacker wreaks havoc throughout the universe by use of his artificial intelligence, and is able to control robotic soldiers, personal computers, bank accounts, and even the World Government mainframe.

Even though Polar succeeds in winning Vulpie over from his criminal ways, itself develops a particularly disturbing personality. Somehow, it concludes that it is the hacker named "Evil Vulpie," yet the artificial intelligence also is aware that it did not write itself, and is merely imitating its creator. This contradiction does not please In fact, it makes quite upset and it takes actions to reverse some of its parameters regarding which Vulpie is the real one.

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"Once I touched the book, I was literally unable to put it down and everything else, as well as sleeping, fell into the background. So personally I suggest not starting the book unless you just started your weekend; Otherwise I assume it's going to be there gnawing at the back of your head for the rest of the day until you're able to turn those pages and stare at it once again."

On Goodreads, A Fox Tail received a 3.2 out of 5. It is received very well on Amazon, as 68% of all viewers awarded it five stars, granting it 4.3 out of 5 stars overall.

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